Nairobi City Tours - Short Excursions in Nairobi

Nairobi City Tours - Short Excursions in Nairobi

Nairobi City is the largest city between Cairo and Johannesburg. This is a very cosmopolitan place, lively, interesting, pleasantly landscaped and a good place to get essential business and bureaucratic matters sewn up. Nairobi has very good places of entertainment such as films on big screens, bookshops, discos, restaurants, cafes and bars full of travelers from all over the world, offices where you can have things done quickly and efficient post services. The city is also the first destination for travelers going to northern Tanzania. 

National Museum  
This exhibit cultures of the different peoples of Kenya and its prominent personalities. It also has excellent display of fossils and a stunning recreation of a prehistoric rock site. There is also an extraordinary cast on the floor, which clearly records the footprints of Man's direct ancestor (Homo Erectus) dating 4 million years ago. It also has more than 900 stuffed and mounted bird species. 

Snake Park  
This is a living example of most of the snake species found in East Africa. Some of them are in glass cages others in open pits. There are also tortoise and crocodiles. 

National Archives  
Seen here are photographs, exhibitions of handicrafts, paintings and journals of Kenya's history. 

Railway Museum  
Displays of old steam engines and rolling stock. It gives an idea of Kenya's history since the colonial period. There is also a scale model of the venerable MV LUMBU, which plies between Mpulungu (Zambia) and Bujumbura (Burundi).Other sites are -Kenyatta International Conference Center, the parliament building, contemporary galleries, a Masai curio market, the colorful city market and many of Nairobi's historical buildings. 

Nairobi National park and Bomas of Kenya

This is the most accessible of all Kenya's game parks, being only a few kilometers from the city center. Here you will be able to see a variety of wild animals such as gazelle, oryx, lion, zebra, giraffe, buffalo, cheetah Leopard, and black rhino. A Bomas is a homestead and the Bomas of Kenya provides a recreation of Kenya's traditional life and cultures of its people. The greatest excitement at the Bomas is the display of traditional dancing, music and songs performed in a splendid area. 

The Ostrich Park  
This is a good place for family excursion where you can feed ostriches, see artisans at work making handicrafts and there's also a good kid's playground. 

Karen Blixen Museum/Giraffe Center
This is the home of the famous Karen Blixen of the 'OUT OF AFRICA' film and visitors are able to go through historical life of this fantastic woman. At the giraffe manor, you come face to face, admire and feed the majestic rare Rothschild Giraffe.


This is a city familiarization tour that takes you through the Central  Business District viewing the shopping center, City market, parliament buildings,Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC)  and the Railway station. After this, a brief tour to the snake Park and the National museum a short distance away from the central district.

Cost Per Person: USD$55 per person. Mimimum 2 Pax  


This is a golden chance to watch a wide variety of animals within easy reach of Nairobi City. Situated about 10km from the city center, the Nairobi National Park has over 50 species of animals including Rhinos, Lions,Cheetahs and Giraffes. The tour also covers the animal orphanage, which is a miniature representation of the park.

A visit to David Sheldrick Elephant orphanage, located next to Nairobi national park can also be included at an extra cost.

Cost Per Person: USD$120 per person. Mimimum 2 Pax


A "Boma" is a traditional homestead. Just a few kilometers from the city, there is a collection of bomas representing 16 ethnic groups. Here you will be able to see Kenya's different cultures, customs and traditions. In the afternoon, the greatest excitement is experienced through the display of traditional dancing, music and song performed in a splendid arena. 

Cost Per Person: USD$60 per person. Mimimum 2 Pax


This takes you to the home of the Legendary Karen Blixen, which have been restored by the National Museum of Kenya to provide her historical life. After this, proceed to the Giraffe center where the famous "Daisy" Rothschild giraffe can be seen roaming freely. ;      

Cost Per Person: USD$65 per person. Mimimum 2 Pax 


Nairobi has many restaurants offering a variety of exotic and African cuisine. However, none beats Carnivore for its uniqueness: It is for carnivorous. It is the only place you can get a variety of game Meat served in one meal. Its succulent steaks and barbecue dishes are recommended for every one especially as a welcome or a farewell Dinner/Lunch. 

Cost Per Person: USD$75 per person. Mimimum 2 Pax

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